The Platform for Conversational AI

Our Mission

Machine learning is the lifeblood of virtual assistants. Today, only tech giants have the AI arsenal to build good voice-based apps. With PolyAI, building great conversational apps is as simple as designing a website. 

Task Agnostic

Whether it's navigation, flight booking, shopping or playing music, our backend models are the same. Our platform is sector-agnostic, continuously improving as it scales across different applications.


You name the assistant - we support it. Alexa Skills, Google Actions, Facebook Messenger or Azure Bots... These platforms bring the middleware - and PolyAI brings your voice app to life.


One assistant, many languages. Our models are polyglots - latest advances in deep learning allow them to scale across languages at almost no extra cost. New markets have never been closer!


The Platform for Conversational AI

Neural Language Processing

Our platform is at the cutting edge of deep learning and natural language processing. Our models use language-independent neural networks to learn natural behaviour by imitating human conversation.

Data Acquisition

Our proprietary data collection uses asynchronous crowdsourcing to acquire high-quality training data. We collect data for any application, at scale, at a fraction of the cost paid by our competitors.

Dynamic Flow Design

PolyAI provides intuitive building blocks for configuring your app's behaviour. Instead of writing out all use cases, you need to tweak only those for which the app behaves in a way you don't want it to.

Our Team

Worked @ Apple Siri
First Tech. Hire @ VocalIQ
PhD from Cambridge

Dr Nikola Mrkšić

Cofounder & CEO

Worked @ Google, IPSoft
EMNLP'15 Best Paper
PhD from Cambridge

Dr Tsung-Hsien Wen

Cofounder & CTO

Worked @ Facebook AI
ACL'16 Best Paper
PhD from Cambridge

Dr Pei-Hao Su

Cofounder & Chief Scientist

Researcher @ Google
Chief Scientist @ Carousell
PhD from Cambridge

Dr Matthew Henderson

Lead Scientist &
Head of PolyAI Pacific

UX PM @ Microsoft Cortana
Startup mentor @ MS & Google
B.Des. from Bezalel, Israel

Delia Koren

Head of Product

Senior PostDoc @ Cambridge
30+ top NLP publications
PhD from KU Leuven

Dr Ivan Vulić

Senior Scientist

PostDoc @ Cambridge
10+ dialogue publications
PhD from Sheffield

Dr Iñigo Casanueva

ML Engineer

ML MSc from UPMC
MSc from ENSTA ParisTech

Alex Pavy

Software Engineer

SWE @ Yandex
Full-stack SWE @ Cisco
MSc from BMSTU, Moscow

Anton Kozlov

Software Engineer

Researcher @ Digital Genius
Research Intern @ Alivecor
MEng from Imperial

Sam Coope

ML Engineer

SWE @ Winton Capital
Advisor @ Gradbase
MEng from Imperial

Kacper Zylka

Software Engineer

Worked @Amazon @MS Research
PhD candidate @ UCL
MSc in ML from UCL

Georgios Spithourakis

ML Engineer

SWE Intern @ Skyscanner
SWE Intern @ Brocade
MEng from Cambridge

Razvan Kusztos

Software Engineer

Mathematical Modelling &
Race Strategy @ Ferrari F1
MMath from Oxford

Oliver Nowell

Software Engineer

Worked @ Amazon
Worked @ Google
ML Msc from FMFI UK, Bratislava

Rastislav Rabatin

Software Engineer

Research intern @ Sony
PhD candidate @ Cambridge
MSc from Stuttgart

Daniela Gerz

ML Engineer

PhD candidate @ Cambridge
EMNLP'18 Best Resource Paper
ICASSP'18 Best Paper

Paweł Budzianowski

ML Engineer

Worked @ Microsoft
MBA from Swinburne
BAcc from TAFE

Aelin Raines

Operations Manager


We are looking for talented people from all backgrounds, regardless of previous experience.
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